Tequilas That Give Back

Tequilas That Give Back

Plot Twist: You haven’t just been sipping on a phenomenal blanco with buddies; you’ve also been a part of something greater.

Casa Hogar Alegría children

The essence of KOKORO revolves around not just the joy of sharing a drink but also the power of collective goodness. That's why each of our spirits goes the extra mile by donating to non-profits that are making a difference in the world. To give our esteemed distillers something more to be proud of, we’ve given them the opportunity to pick an organization in their community for us to donate to. For Bonanza, our distillers down in Jalisco, the choice was clear: Casa Hogar Alegría, a remarkable non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young girls in Mexico.

Since 1997, Casa Hogar Alegría has been a guiding light for young girls who lack parental care or fundamental support. Through the dedication of a professional team, they work to transform their lives by providing education, comprehensive care, a nurturing home, and a renewed sense of hope. This organization extends its compassionate reach to 200 girls across four facilities in Jalisco, Michoacán, and two in the State of Mexico. To honor our tequilas’ origin, we proudly donate 1% each of our Plata and Limitada's profits to their work every year.

It fills us with immense pride to contribute to these young girls' journey and give them a second chance for a better future, with our tequilas that give back.

Donate Directly to Casa Hogar Alegría here.

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