Handmade in Kentucky

Handmade in Kentucky

“What [pottery designs] all have in common is an underlying belief that humble, everyday objects have an important place in our lives and homes.” - Louisville Stoneware


Many have asked us if our whisk(e)y bottle design will be the same as our tequila’s, the answer being: yes and no. While Anfora is doing a fantastic job with our ceramic tequila bottles down in Jalisco, we want to keep wandering the regions of each of our spirits and honoring its local artisans.

Like our first batch of whisk(e)y, its bottles will be produced in Louisville, Kentucky, by a company with a long history in the art of stoneware pottery. Louisville Stoneware is a family business handed down from generation to generation since its opening in 1815, with each new owner and craftsman “respecting the process.” The company creates each of its impeccably handmade items from Kentucky’s clay with the intent of preserving its long line of tradition and heritage.

“While we look toward the future, we are always respectful of the past.”

-Stephen A. Smith, owner of Louisville Stoneware


The artisans at Louisville Stoneware have already completed a mold of our design and are ready to test it. Although we can’t be there in person to meet the company or its fellow artists, they’ve done their best to make us feel like part of their process by sharing the pictures found on this blog. For that experience, we are truly thankful.

We look forward to the day we can travel again safely to tour the Louisville Stoneware factory, which is currently closed to the public due to the pandemic. Until then, we can’t wait to get our hands on our KOKORO Whisk(e)y bottle, which is expected to launch this summer! Stay tuned!


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