Fusion of Art and Tequila

Fusion of Art and Tequila

We are thrilled to unveil a fusion of art and tequila. Our iconic white tequila bottles, while beautiful on their own, now bear the brushstrokes and creativity of eleven esteemed artists. 

At the core of our brand beats a heart brimming with passion and reverence for artisans. Serving as a timeless canvas for expression, these decorated bottles are more than mere adornments; they embody our dedication to supporting the arts and nurturing innovation. 

These bottles will soon shine at the Goodjuice Agave Festival on May 4th in San Diego—an event dedicated to fostering a deeper appreciation for the craft and culture of distilled spirits. Following their display, we'll part ways with these unique pieces through an auction to support the International Association of Art  with a mission to nurture global art education, cultural exchange, and equitable support for artists, especially those in underserved communities and children lacking access to artistic resources.

Why is this important to us? Art knows no bounds—it’s in strokes, melodies, and even our tequila. Just as art embodies meticulous attention and passion, so does our artisanal tequila, honoring craftsmanship in every drop. Supporting artists celebrates dedication, skill, and the pursuit of excellence in every creative endeavor. 

Join us in celebrating the artists who breathe life into our bottles and the boundless spirit of creativity. Read on to discover the stories behind each masterpiece. 


Adolfo Alba


Instagram: @agavevangogh

"My creative process more often than not comes down to two ideas that aren’t in each other’s wheel house but have one common thread. I take both ideas apart in my mind and build them back up based on that thread.

My idea for the Pac-Man ghost bottle came right before The Tequila People event. Kokoro made a post of some of the bottles that had broken and the jagged bottom of what was left of the bottle reminded me of the bottom of the Pac-Man ghosts. From there my mind just kept running until the ghost bottle design was done."


"A lot went into this and to the naked eye it’s a design but it’s actually a combination of two cultures. I got that idea because of Howard the founder of KOKORO and how it’s all coming together.

The black and white is the Mexican crest broken apart and put back together in a way to pay homage to Aztec drawings.

The agave in the upper center is an agave that I created from the Caracara’s talons to form an agave.

The agave design is spaced out because Aztecs would have given space in between the lines because of the tools the used back then to create designs would have had given this space.

Now the Japanese culture for the Kokoro portion.

The red X’s signify text and Japanese text is written vertically in columns.

The reason the X’s are to the left is because they are their own column but if you stand back and look at the blank space on the neck it was intentional.

It allowed the Japanese culture representation to exist on the bottle in a clean, and clear manner while the white space is an ode to the original KOKORO design."


Alana Tsui


Instagram: @alanatsui and @jamaica_asthma

"New York based visionary artist Alana Tsui is recognized for her mesmerizing complex balance of fluid and intricate line work that is at once organic yet striking in its monochrome palette.

Alana believes in the transformative power of art and its ability to inspire, heal, and create connections that transcends words. Her artistic journey continues to evolve as she boldly pushes the boundaries of creativity and experimentation, expanding into digital design and 3D sculpture painting, effortlessly adapting her style to suit each specific project and client’s vision.

Throughout her career, Alana has collaborated with numerous brands, exhibited her work in galleries, live events, cultural institutions and her pieces can be found in private collections internationally.

For the collaboration with KOKORO Spirits, Alana free-hand painted her signature pattern design onto the bottle, allowing creativity to flow, capturing the lively essence of the moment and the connection between consciousness. This is represented by elements of eyes throughout the artwork, with a touch of red to showcase the passion and energy of the piece."


Calicho Arevalo


Instagram: @calichoart

"Art opens the door to striking a beautiful balance between color and meaningful ideas My approach with this bottle was to express the vibrant and colorful artistry of my native Colombian culture."


Dylan Smith


Instagram: @dancerdylan

"Dylan Smith is a Los Angeles based Visual and Performing Artist, Clothing Designer as well as an Emmy Nominated Choreographer. Smith draws inspiration from his childhood artwork, recreating images he drew as a young boy. It is his hope that his colorful, vibrant designs and multidisciplinary approach to art may inspire others to be bold, brave and make art like a child does… free of stress and judgement."


Ferris Plock


Instagram: @ferrisplock and @kefeinc

Website: kefeinc.com

"Ferris Plock is an artist living and creating in San Francisco, CA. He often collaborates with his wife, Kelly Tunstall, as part of kefe. Ferris spends much of his time with his two sons and his two cats. He has learned to savor the finer things in like such as kokoro spirits."


Jennifer Contini


Instagram: @pop_heartist_

"The tequila bottle I painted is a vibrant fusion of mixed media, adorned with my signature pop hearts. Inspired by my global journey painting hearts across the world, this design captures the essence of joy and celebration. The creation process was ignited after being backstage at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame event in NYC, where serendipity led me to meet the owner of KOKORO. This encounter infused the artwork with an extra layer of energy and excitement, making it a truly unique and dynamic piece that embodies the spirit of adventure and creativity. And I LOVE KOKORO tequila!!!"


Joseph Weaver


Instagram: @josephcweaver

"I’ve actually been semi retired from kintsugi (the gold repair) but just did a piece that was gifted by President Joe Biden to Fumio Kishida, the Prime Minister of Japan at a State Department event this past week. I think the last piece before that, that I finished was actually the one for KOKORO last year."


Madison Kichler


Instagram: @madikichler

"In painting California poppies on a KOKORO Spirits bottle, I seek to fuse the rugged allure of homemade spirits with the delicate resilience of nature's flora, symbolizing the harmonious coexistence of human craftsmanship and wild beauty."


Stella Kalaw


Instagram: @stellakalaw 

Substack: stellakalaw.substack.com

Website: stellakalaw.com

Mastodon/Fediverse: @stellakalaw@flipboard.social

Flipboard: flipboard.com/@StellaK2020

"Stella Kalaw is a photographer and artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her quest for a sustainable art practice drew her to collage art. Photography-based imagery is often the center of her work, complementing it with a minimalist aesthetic. Akin to jazz improvisation, she creates pieces using her imagination and whatever materials are available. Lately, she has been exploring abstract concepts through typography."


Tasha Colby


Website: tashacolby.com

"I am a mostly, self-taught, San Francisco based artist. I consider myself a folk artist. At this point in my experience, I feel particularly drawn to making art that expresses my fascination with American history. I’m always challenging myself to keep my work cohesive through multiple mediums. As a Black woman, making art gives me a sense of empowerment; I feel more in control over the world immediately around me. I hope to continue to expand my influence and skillset as a gallery artist, while also living a life where the arts are the center of my world." 


Troy Kirby


Instagram: @TroychaeKirby

"The concept behind the KOKORO Spirits bottle, designed by Troy Kirby, is a fusion of Hip-Hop and KOKORO Spirits. Inspired by LL Cool J's iconic red and white jumpsuit paired with his legendary gold chain, Troy Kirby crafted the design. The bottle is adorned with red and white wax, reminiscent of LL Cool J's attire, and features a stylish gold chain accent."

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