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Kokoro (心) [koh-koh-roh]: n. A Japanese concept that unites the heart, mind, and spirit in harmony. Synonyms: None.

We create exceptional tequila with the intention to connect, savor, and enjoy the human experience together.

Our Story

Honoring the Heart of Agave

From carefully selected fully matured highland agave to meticulous horno cooking and tahona crushing, each step is a nod to tradition and artisanal mastery. Fermented with natural yeast and pristine local spring water in pine pipones, distilled in copper, Kokoro reveals the true essence of agave, producing a bright and refined tequila like no other.

Brick Horno
tahona crushed agave

Our Collection

Kokoro Plata Bottle

Tequila Plata

40% ABV // 80 Proof

The purest, most honest expression of tequila, that never comes in contact with barrels or additives. Provides an inviting aroma of cooked agave, green apple, and dusted pineapple with a balance of citrus, anise, mint, and white pepper flavors. A perfect tequila to sip neat or elevate your finest cocktail recipes.

3 time gold medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
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Kokoro Limitada Bottle

Tequila Joven Limitada

40% ABV // 80 Proof

Traditionally a Joven is a mixture of an aged and an unaged tequila. Our Joven Limitada however, is created by resting our Tequila Plata in cooked agave for 10 days, imparting a peppery warmth of baking spices and burnt caramel along with notes of apple, honey, and peach.

"This is part of an exciting new chapter for tequila, and we're here for it." — VinePair, 95 Rating
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