Our First 1% for the Planet Organization

Our First 1% for the Planet Organization

From the beginning of our spirits journey, we knew we wanted to create premium spirits that would bring people together while also serving a greater purpose by giving back to communities and our planet. KOKORO is a proud member of 1% for the Planet meaning that at least 1% of our proceeds will be donated to organizations that support environmental causes.

KOKORO Tequila Plata bottle, purchase supports 1% for the Planet organization California Academy of Sciences.

Looking through the catalog of organizations associated with 1% for the Planet gave an astounding sense of hope for the planet and future generations to come. It is incredibly heartening to see all of the remarkable organizations that are working toward a better tomorrow and helping various causes around the world.

We believe that great changes start small and as a brand that celebrates and promotes the well-being of communities, we started with ours by picking an organization near and dear to the heart of our founder to be our first 1% for the Planet commitment. The California Academy of Sciences is a San Francisco science museum dedicated to explore, explain, and sustain life from research and restoration of coral reefs to the expansion of environmental literacy from around the world. Like many other businesses, its stability was shaken this year and it became our mission to help this local favorite.

The organization’s partnership with the U.S. Forest Service stood out the most after the extreme wildfires that California has faced for many years. These fires have not only affected the people around them, but also the wildlife’s ecosystem. California Academy of Sciences is dedicating research to see how the Sierra Nevada forests and wildlife respond to the wildfires. With their hard work and dedication, we are many steps closer to finding better solutions for the forest's inhabitants.

We appreciated the Academy's passion and hard work and can't wait to sponsor their Thursday Nightlife events and help them to thrive on, one spirit at a time.

Donate directly to the California Academy of Sciences.

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