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Tequila Joven Limitada

Tequila Joven Limitada

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We rested our award-winning Tequila Plata in cooked Blue Weber Agave for 10 days to create 1,000 bottles of this Joven Limitada. Bottled in a handcrafted interpretation of our iconic jug by Anfora Ceramics. 

40% Alcohol by Volume // 80 Proof

750 ml

Produced at NOM 1604

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  • Color

    Clear and delicately hued.

  • Nose

    Floral aromas of citrus and dusted pineapple combine with subtle mineral notes from our tahona.

  • Pallet

    Full-bodied agave with a peppery warmth of baking spices and rich caramel.

  • Finish

    Cooked agave, apple, honey, and peach.